Wow, I’m almost there

BY Sue Heintze
October 16th, 2010

  • Good luck, wishing you all the best. What an exciting week ahead for you and your husband :-)

  • Woohoo! Yep…not long now Sue. Just enjoy these last moments of untethered life. ;)

  • Stephanie Shifrin
    October 17, 2010 at 1:07 am  - Reply


    I don’t think I have ever seen a more perfect baby belly. I’m so happy for you and Damien and wish you a perfect delivery! Cherish these moments as you’ll look back on them frequently and you wont believe how fast the time goes by. You’re about to meet the love of your lives. You’ll never be the same!


  • Sue,

    What an exciting time in your life. I can’t until you post pics of bub – It won’t be long now!

  • That little belly looks so much like mine did with Maya it is freaky! Short torsos I suppose.
    It is SO cute! You will miss it when it is gone probably.
    I think you are having a girl too for some reason. Good luck and enjoy your last belly moments :)

  • Hey Sue,
    Don`t be suprised if the midwife is right. They know their stuff. They can usually tell what your having before it`s even popped out yet. Good luck with the delivery. Like a really tuff training session, there is an end. And what a reward at the end. :)

  • Hi Petal,
    Thinking of you – just popped in for a peak to see where you are :) I think it will be a boy. I Can’t wait.
    Hopefully next time I hear from you you will be in hospital.
    Be good and enjoy every moment cause you are going to get a beautiful little bundle of joy to love forever.

  • Hi Sue

    Best wishes. I have heard (not sure if true) but that week before labour starts that the baby movements do become quiet so you must be able to go through very soon….

  • Hi Sue, One of your three time clients here who had first bubby 5 wks ago. Just want to wish you the best of luck! Good luck with your labour, being such a fit, strong (minded) woman you will do wonderfully. It is hard but rewarding – just like a workout ;) I can’t wait to see pictures! – Lizzy xo
    PS yes, ORANGES!!!

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