Why the blog negativity?

BY Sue Heintze
October 2nd, 2009

  • What a great blog! I cant stand it how people feel the need to ‘cut others down’. The comment on Kristen’s blog is doing just that. I think it definately comes from a jealousy or from their own feelings of inadequacey. They should definately be cheering her on – as whatever her personal goals may be – she set the goal and achieved it – and that is fantastic. Kristen is obviously the type of person who can achieve a goal and then reset another – power to her. She hasnt just achieved something, then decided, thats it! She is thinking – what comes next! Live your life the way YOU want to! Reach for the stars! Ignore the bottom feeders!

    On another note, thanks for the piccy of you off season! You look fantastic!

  • I totally agree and had noticed that myself.
    Jealousy has a huge impact on these people I think.
    i think having a sense of purpose gives us the drive to succeed, whether it’s in the body/fitness department or any other aspects of our lives.
    These people who just ‘exist’ have no direction, no goals and I’m sure aren’t content or they would not feel the need to bring down such successful people such as Kristin.
    Thanks for sharing, let’s hope everyone takes the time to read your blog!

  • OMG… I was just talking about this to Katie first thing this morning, and my coach (Andrew Ivey) just said the other day that blogs and forums have a lot to answer for with regards to how other people’s opinions & ways of doing things can throw up a whole lot of confusion and angst into other people’s lives.

    I am a firm believer on each to their own. Although I talk about what I do, how I live and my beliefs on my blog, I would NEVER try and force them onto someone else, or try and make them believe that there is something lacking in that other person for not living my way. Newsflash people: you don’t have any right to tell someone else how to live THEIR lives.

    As for what makes me feel alive… Improving myself, testing my strengths (both physically and mentally), setting & achieving goals, inspiring others to do the same, and there is nothing that makes me feel more alive than the euphoria I experience when I have pushed & tested myself to my very limits & achieved something I have been striving toward.

    Great post Sue! xxx

  • Thank-you for such a great post. Of course we need goals and even people who avoid having goals have without realizing it, made THAT their goal. I have followed this forum for some time now and never been moved to comment until now because it struck such a cord with me. After many years of fighting eating disorders, I am proud to say that I have been recovered for about ten years. How did I get well? By having GOALS!!! Even if they seemed insignificant to others. People like yourself should be proud of the healthy, balanced lifestyle that you promote and of the moral support you provide to each other. I myself have gained some great reassurance by reading about Kristin’s journey, and it is so refreshing to hear about her POSITIVE experiences (what courage and honesty),as this is something that I am also working towards(MY 2 YEAR GOAL).Once again awesome post; keep shining light on the many positive,healthy experiences this lifestyle has to offer.

  • Catherine Conron
    October 2, 2009 at 4:54 pm  - Reply

    I had the same “negative” comments during my pregnancy and it drove me nuts…I left hospital 5 days after my daughter was born in my size 7 jeans and I was criticised for it! what those people didn’t realise is that I had a personal trainer right up until 4 days before my daughter was born, ate extremely well during the 40 weeks and as soon as I was home from hospital after my c-section, I was out walking with the pram…yes, I looked DAMN GOOD and had massive honkers and I’m not ashamed to say so because I worked soooo hard to keep my shape and didn’t plonk on the couch the minute I found out I was pregnant…..phew……I’ve been dying to get that off my chest for 3 years! Sue, Kristin and everyone else who has nutrition and lifestyle goals whether it be figure comps, post baby bods or just striving to have the best possible bodies we can, I say “WELL DONE” GIRLS…..this life is not a dress rehearsal and let’s live it the healthy way we enjoy!

  • Thank you Sue ;-)

  • Hi Sue and readers!

    I read your blog and updates rather regularly. I have to say lately I have been having a bit of that ‘confused’ feeling myself, – so haven’t really felt like contributing much on the food/training stuff of late in my blog.

    I gain confidence and admire you and anyone successful in achieving goals in whatever areas they set for themselves, then continuing to live in a path they are happy with whether that is setting more intense goals or relaxing/achieving maintenance or objectives person in question is happy with.

    * Firstly it would be self control and living within my means. I’m used to debt, paying off debt, parents helping me pay off debt a few times even. Basically I was used to having a way of living beyond my means although at times I could pull it together for a while to pay some debt or save but at nearly 30 am shocked to now have little savings/at least no debt! Saving SOME money and feeling in control of my money and not putting things on credit cards is a start to forever change here and I use short term weekly goals for this! I have been successful this occasion 2.5 months, saved $1350 through hard work and don’t intend to stop.
    * Being/feeling fit! Fit and in a shape I’m relatively happy with means feeling more self confident…………more healthy and having regular fitness goals. Physique wise under 25% BF, under 100mm skinfolds is a good level to stay under. I like having regular training objectives to keep me focussed toward certain goals of performance improvement or staying in a way I wanna be. Eating wise for me…………..I strive for healthy foods from all good food groups, taking budget into consideration. average 3 social meals a week, – idea for me for those is go with the flow but practice moderation and make the best, (or better) choice in the situation. For various reasons I fluctate size/fitness wise but currently need to lose maybe 14kg to reach this level. Want to do that in tandem with financial goals and to keep inspired in the fitness world.

    * Otherwise other people, keeping organised, allowing rest all create relaxation. Each to their own but I like targets to work toward!


  • Sue,
    Thanks for the post. I don’t believe that the people that you are alluding to are trying to be negative, rather they are just expressing a different opinion. I have been troubled by the perception of negativity so I have written a blog post in reply to clear the air somewhat. And Kristen, congratulations on your comp!

    Liz N

  • Some people thrive with goals, others don’t. If I am not working towards something I just float around aimlessly and get bugger all done! My big goal..get a degree in something I am passionate about – best thing I ever did. Another goal? Get to a healthy bodyfat% (currently at high risk of all sorts of problems). These are goals I am proud to be working towards :o)

    I love goals!

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