Transforming Your Body on a Plant-Based Diet

BY Sue Heintze
August 11th, 2013

  • Thank you for doing this, as i vegan it’s very much appreciated xx

  • This subject is very important to me because my husband has multiple food intolerances, which mean he can’t eat meat, wheat or nuts. Cutting them out over the last 15-20years has vastly improved his health, but has made him gain weight. He’s trying to get a grip on his carb intake now & any advice on menus or shake recipes is very welcome! He has lost 1/2″ on his collar size, 2″ from his belly & about 8lbs in the last month, but obviously we need to make sustainable lifestyle changes to keep him that way!

    Thank you Sue, for sharing these valuable gems of information with us.

    • Make sure he has a good vegan protein powder, Sunwarrior is a good one. You can use that in shakes with frozen berries, banana, etc. Great work by your hubby!

  • Thanks Sue for this. I am coming back to IBO after a few years away…and as a vegan and finding ways to maintain protein intake, has been daunting on my own. After talking to IBO about my own goals (which include staying vegan and soy-free), I am really looking forward to getting started in the near future and glad you have adjusted the program to cater for people such as myself who want to achieve a greater sense of well-being through a plant-based diet. So thank you:) Hopefully your extreme program can cater to this at some point also:)

  • Thanks Sue for the great post – it’s a subject we care deeply about. We’ve also found that Pea Protein Isolate and Sprouted Brown Rice Protein are a great and healthy protein source for plant based diets. Michael & Bianca – Tao Nutrition

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