It’s Okay To Weigh Yourself!

BY Sue Heintze
June 17th, 2014

  • Thank you so much for writing about it being okay to weight yourself daily. I have stopped weighing myself each day now and have notice that my weight slowly increases. Will be very happy to start weighing myself each day. This is the only thing that helps me at present. Have no will power at all and just want to eat everything in the fridge. Always an excuse to not to exercise. Anyway looking forward to another fresh start to the day tomorrow. Tiny baby steps hey.

    • It can be difficult, mostly in the mind. That’s where accountability and support are so helpful when it comes to this. I would never have done it without my mentor. Let me know if you need personalized help Karen.

  • I have always found that I progress better with some sense of the weight I have started my day at. In fact, in doing this, I have learned that due to the natural hormonal changes that occur on my body every month, my weight fluctuates a whole 2kg each month! But because I know the pattern, I know not to be disheartened when I am at the top of that spike. And I also know the time in the cycle that shows me the results that I have really worked hard for, and sometimes I am motivated to push even harder to ‘beat’ the previous month’s results. So for me, it works as a really good motivational tool. Thanks for the article!

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