My new diet experiment

BY Sue Heintze
August 15th, 2012

  • Hi Sue, you might like the cookbook ‘Nourishing Traditions’. It is fantastic and blows lots of myths abour diet and nutrition out of the water. I was using it a fair bit before starting my 12 week program.

  • Hey!

    This sounds great!
    Im an ex ideal bodies girl and Im just about to go paleo…have been eating paleo-ish for the last few days and it feels good, so Im inspired to take it to the next level!

    I workout 3 times a week, doing full body weights and then a HIIT session. Also, 3-5 days a week I do a 1.5hr walk (to work and back).
    I workout at 5am.

    Im going to try taking whey protein out as Ive been having some tummy troubles, so dont want the dairy or some of the fillers etc. that can be in them.

    Ive been having a little mini “quiche” (made with an egg, some sweet potato and other veggies) before my workout, and one quiche and a small banana afterwards.

    Do you think this sounds alright?


  • Sue,
    As always, I love the advice. This one is especially intriguing to me. Look forward to your results. But I think I may get started on some of the Paleo and Raw principles sooner.

    good luck and good health.

  • Hi Sue

    I have been paleo/primal for the last couple of years and find it quite suits me, don’t get me wrong I get my cravings sometimes but I like the fact I don’t have to count calories and find it more family/socially orientated, I have also noticed the last couple of winters I haven’t got sick whereas I use to get colds all the time. I also find I have energy to work out and I don’t need to eat all the time.

    Good luck and I’m interested to follow your journey.

  • I’m interested in what you say about sugar and adrenal issues. Have you suffered from adrenal fatigue? I have somewhat as well. Does sugar raise insulin levels too much thus affecting the adrenals? And why no fruit only in the mornings?

  • Sue you have no idea how excited I am that you are experimenting with paleo.
    I myself have gone paleo after developing an auto immune disease

    I have completed a program with IBO before and had great results but now I can’t really follow the same way of eating as I find that paleo is the best way for me to eat and makes me feel amazing.
    Hopefully soon you can develop some personal programs for people who want to undergo a body transformation but eat the paleo way

    All the best with it, I look forward to hearing your journey and I’m sure you will love it.

    Sal :)

  • Oh Sue I am just about to start reading Primal Blueprint. I have a vegetarian friend (formally obese) who has lost 40+kilos from following paleo and Crossfit! It got me thinking. While I don’t have weight to lose I do struggle with uneven energy levels and getting niggly colds regularly and having high stress levels. Maybe primal/paleo might suit me? Problem is I work in a bakery! Grains are all around me! And I do like oats. My massage therapist is mainly paleo but incorporates oats for Brekkie when she has busy days coming. Grains I can leave out I’m sure but sugar is going to be hardest! I think I will need to do this and give it 30 days and see how I feel! Good luck.

  • This is going to work great for you. My breakfast is steak and almonds…with a bite of broccoli….eating like the caveman keeps me extremely lean and full of energy.

  • I’m looking forward to following you on this experiment. I eat mostly paleoish (haven’t given up legumes/beans yet though)and I find when I eat this way, I feel pretty good. As long as my meals are fairly balanced with plenty of veggies and some fruit(not leaning too heavily on protein or fats) my energy and mood are goo and I get no bloating or other digestive issues.

    I’m curious about your adrenal issues. What are you experiencing or have experienced and how long has this been happening? I’m really curious about not having fruit in the morning because of the effect on adrenals. Why is this and what are the symptoms? I eat fruit in the mornings (not alone though)but sometimes I feel like something is off, don’t feel quite right but can’t pin point it.

    Sorry for all the questions, I don’t know much about adrenals and how they function. I need to read up. Do you have any recommended reading on the subject?

    Thanks so much.

  • Hi Sue

    My personal experience led me to remove all dairy including whey and all wheat products & sugar/refined foods in all forms from my diet & the difference is amazing to say the least. I have not had any bad flu/colds for years whilst others around me have. Digestive issues are no more, sinuses do not like dairy & I have not even had a sniffle other than the odd hayfever attack in summer which is normal for me. I use pea protein isolate in place of whey – I love it more than I ever did WPI!! My meat intake is minimal, I use food combining for meal planning & I eat in a certain order – high water content veges first, then protein/fat & never do I eat a starchy carb with a protein in addition I don’t eat fruit with anything else – only fruit on its own. I eat complex carb vegies with a large side salad as a separate meal – this makes digestion so much easier & although this may sound complicated it is actually really easy once you get the hang of it.

    Keep us posted on the new changes – I will be so interested to know how you feel on your new eating plan.

  • Hi Sue

    Good Luck on the paleo-raw diet, I hope it works for you.

    We are all different so I am not trying to deter you, but I thought I’d share my experience on the paleo-raw diet which I tried for about 8 weeks back in April this year. When it started I felt great at first but as the weeks went on I noticed kgs going on, my body changing shape (back to the old hour glass look I once had) and a I had a lack of energy to complete my weights/cardio schedule. I had cut out my post workout protien shakes and a lot of meat (as it needed to be cooked). I was eating way too many nuts, avocados, and cacao based desert recipes (yum – but not good on calories). I concluded after about 8 weeks that my body definatley needed more protein to build and maintain the muscle and complex carbs to give me energy. So I re-introduced lean cooked meat, protien shakes and the odd grainy bread roll. In just a couple of weeks I returned to my previous fit and muscular shape and I felt I had energy to attack my cardio sessions.

    It was a good experiment for me as I learnt more about how my body operates (at this stage in life – it will not doubt change). I wanted to keep some of the raw principles I loved about the diet which help protect the inside of me so I still have a green smoothie each day and try to have a raw meal or two each week.

    I hope you find health success with the paleo-raw diet.


  • Carol Scarcebrook
    August 16, 2012 at 8:48 am  - Reply

    Excellent experiment. Glad you’re doing it. My daughter who was allergic to sport and ate everything she was told not to as a child for years has suddenly (and unexpectedly) taken up lot of exercise, become fit and joined a Cross Fit gym. She is also following the Paleo diet with amazing results. she is becomeing healthy and fit for first time in adult life. She’s even writing a blog about how the change of diet and fitness is afffectiving her.

    i’ll keep following your progress.



  • Thanks everyone. Yes, I have had quite severe adrenal fatigue in the past and if I’m not careful it does continue to be an issue. From an adrenal standpoint, the WORST things you can have for breakfast are fruits and cereals. These items quickly convert to sugars, which will give you a speedy blood-sugar spike, but end up requiring your adrenals to work harder to catch you as you “crash” later in the morning. Think protein instead. Eggs, meats, etc. If you start your day with fruit, make sure it’s the whole fruit, which has fiber to slow down the absorbtion of the sugar, as opposed to juice, which is just a straight sugar jolt. It’s not a necessity to avoid fruit in the morning but that’s what I’m going to do as it is an experiment after all :)

    There is a great book called Adrenal Fatigue by James Wilson. Also quite a few good websites too. is one.

    Some great stories and information here, thanks for commenting ladies and thanks for your interest.

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