Look at my darling bub…

BY Sue Heintze
November 29th, 2010

  • Sue, I’m so happy for you all and it’s so good to hear things are going really well for you. I’ve still got a couple of weeks to go and just hanging out to meet my little man and can only hope he settles as well as your little one.

    Congratulations to you both and enjoy this very special time!

  • Kyah is just beautiful Sue! Hubby and I would always say (and still do)…”didn’t we make a beautiful girl?”. I think she looks like Damien at the moment (hope I got hubbies name right) though. Yes, that feeling you have for your baby is just so intense isn’t it? It’s amazing how protective you become. I’m so glad everything has worked out so well,even with all the challenges. I think some challenges during pregnancy and childbirth are always expected. You’re looking great, and what a lovely picture of your ‘little family’. Take care. XOX

  • Wow Sue, WHat a story!! with a great outcome :)

    Although I will let you keep your labour and hope for another Freddy labour for this next one!

    Your girl looks just adorable and will settle better each day that passes. You and Damian look very happy and yes there is no explaining tha love that comes along with the little bundle hey? unconditional.

    Good luck for the future with you family.

    Shar x

  • Lovely piccy of the fam Sue! You all look happy and healthy and that’s the most important thing :)

    Glad all is well with you now…no more hospitals for a while!

    Take care of yourself and your beautiful little bubba!

  • Catherine Conron
    December 2, 2010 at 7:54 am  - Reply

    congrats Sue…..she is just beautiful! I’m 21 weeks pregnant so will be tracking you for lots of tips to get back in shape post April 2011….enjoy your darling girl…

  • She is just gorgeous Sue! The unsettled period will pass…I guarantee that. Ava was pretty unsettled to start with but started sleeping through at 4.5 months (yep I’m lucky!). The first 12 weeks are definitely the hardest, with the whole adjustment to being a mum and trying to work everything out, but things do get easier.

    I was given a copy of the “Dunstan Baby Language” DVD when Ava was only a few weeks old and that really helped in learning what each cry meant. Definitely saved my sanity.


  • She’s a stunner & have to agree with kerry, I can see Damien in little Kyah…

    you both look wonderfully relaxed in your new role as parents.

  • She is gorgeous Sue!! I’m so glad you had some success with Gaviscon and that the reflux has settled down. Gaviscon gave Skye tummy aches so it wasn’t much use to us!

    Fingers crossed the unsettled periods start to reduce – agree with Alicia re the Dunstan Baby Language – we used that too, although it took a little while to figure it out!

    Hil xx

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