Kyah Savannah Heintze has arrived!

BY Sue Heintze
October 31st, 2010

  • Oh Sue – what a rollercoaster. Thanks for sharing those intimate pictures.

    Thinking of you xo

  • Oh Sue, I am so with you! Charlie’s birth was 24 hours and difficult as well…I felt like I had been in a road accident the next day, but the joy and magic makes that a distance memory.
    So thrilled for you – she looks beautiful and yes, perfect in every way. You and Damian are very clever!! xxx

  • Gillian Edwards
    October 31, 2010 at 8:36 pm  - Reply

    Hi Sue

    Congratulations on the safe arrival of your beautiful little girl!!
    Unfortunately no one can describe the labour pain to you, but somehow we are stong and survive.
    All the best on your life together as a family, it is just so wonderful, and thanks for the photos:)

    Gill xx

  • Hey Sue!
    Yes birth is excruciating and VERY scary but you are right it is so worth it :)
    Take care and enjoy your gorgeous little girl.
    rene xxx

  • Oh you are making me cry – she is beautiful and just perfect. Two loving parents and one beautiful little girl – she is so lucky to have such awesome parents. Enjoy every moment – do you think she looks like her handsome dad? She is so cute and I just love her name. Well done guys. I can feel the love coming from those photos.
    Get some rest and I hope your are ok darling what a horrible sounding labour.
    Love Kimmy

  • Congratulations Sue! Yes, what a beautiful gift Kyah is, and the day will stay with you forever, and the memories will become fonder as time rolls on. :)

  • Congratulations!

  • Congratulations Sue – its such an emotional roller coaster of a ride, but what an amazing, precious little bundle you have there! Kyah is just beautiful!

    I hope you are recovering ok!

    Hil xx

  • Stephanie Shifrin
    November 1, 2010 at 3:00 am  - Reply

    Congrats! Kyah is beautiful!!! I love the raw emotion on your face. Thanks for sharing!


  • Congrats Sue! What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. I’m so glad she is finally here without making you wait for too long past your due date! Enjoy the newborn cuddles. My girl is just over 1 week old and I know this may be hard to believe, but they really do grow up fast!!

  • Congratulations Sue, she is just perfect! I’m sure whe will bring you both much joy!! Rest up.

  • Congratulations Sue and Damian. So glad everything went well for you and your much loved daughter is finally here x

  • Congrats, glad you are both safe and well.

    Shar x

  • Congrats on the safe arrival of Kyah. Enjoy this special time.

  • Congratulations Sue! So happy for you. What beautiful photos, thanks for sharing.
    Kate x

  • Welcome to the world little bubby! Welcome!!! (-:

  • Congrats again Sue! Kyah is beautiful :) Hope all is going well and you are recovering well xx

  • Congratulations Sue. Kyah is beautiful. I love the name too. Look after yourself.

  • Hi Sue,

    A huge congratulations! You’re awesome!! Kyah Savannah is a gorgeous name–I have a Savannah too.

    All the best with your recovery. I look forward to following along as you document your journey.


  • Congratulations Sue on the arrival of Kyah Sussanah its such a lovely name.

    I just knew you were having a girl with all your cravings for citris fruits – its a dead giveaway!

  • What a beautiful name for such a beautiful baby.

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