Introducing Hilary…

BY Sue Heintze
September 30th, 2009

  • Hi Hilary
    Wow you look great! Congratulations!
    I just wanted to make a few comments re your pregnancy guidelines. I lifted heavy weights till a few weeks before the birth of my twins and until the day before the birth of my 5th child-under medical supervision of course. I was running again after the birth of this child via c-section 2.5 weeks later. I also was able to use protein powders (after carefully checking ingredients etc)during the pregnancy to maintain my protein intake. I just wanted everyone who may read this to know that there are options and you do not have to stop doing everything just because you are pregnant. Of course there are sometimes complications that do prevent you from continuing on, but it’s worth investigating before just assuming that certain activities are off limits.
    So congratulations once again and maybe you will go early (21st December) It’s my birthday!

  • Hi Hilary,
    You’re looking great!
    I just wanted to say what a great motivator you were while you were my Support Coach during my first program with IBO. Although I am now on a continuing membership and a bit more “on my own”, I still have all the quotes and advice that you sent me and refer back to them for motivation.
    As far as your pregnancy, Bub will be here before you know it and then you can go hard again, plenty of time ahead…just do what feels right for you.
    Much love,

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