Go Kristin!

BY Sue Heintze
September 20th, 2009

  • Sue,
    Great blog today! thank you for sharing…… the chow mein read has made me hungry :)
    I have not stopped thinking of Kristin myself all day today!
    Funny, but I have never met you or Kristin, but I feel like I have :):)
    Karen xx

  • So true about the procrastination, Sue. I am an expert at procrastinating ;-), but the best thing I ever did is get onto my first IBO program and then decide to continue with a six month membership. Like you said, waiting for the planets to align could take forever…once you have your plan you then have to make the commitment to give it your best shot no matter what the planets are doing.
    Can’t wait to hear how Kristin went, she’s already a winner no matter what the overall results.

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