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YES! Ordinary Women CAN have a Fitness Model Body!

Learn How With The 12 Week Figure Sculpting System That Won’t Leave You Constantly Hungry or Deprived

Complete with Meal Plans, Recipes and a Variety of Training Options, Get Ready to “Undress and Impress” with Your HOT NEW BODY!


Have you TRIED EVERYTHING to get rid of those stubborn fat deposits?

But STILL have a jiggly butt? Arms? Belly?

Feel like you CAN’T GET PAST some kind of frustrating, invisible “WALL”?

Have you been calorie counting so much… you can calculate a whole meal in your head in mere seconds?

Tired of TRAINERS FROM HELL who insult, humiliate, and shame you into thinking the ONLY way to A GREAT BODY is to do what they say?

I’m Sue Heintze, and I was once JUST LIKE YOU…

I struggled with my weight and body image for YEARS…

I’ll be honest, in my younger days, dieting and exercise consumed my life. So much so that I couldn’t even enjoy a normal life.

Social occasions used to cause incredible anxiety…

I was fighting hunger all the time…

I even counted calories as I lay in bed at night…

Yes, life for me consisted of trying to eat as little as possible and burn as many of those irritating calories as I could.

If you looked at my before photo, you wouldn’t even know I trained, let alone for sometimes HOURS A DAY!

All I wanted was to look fit and lean – like I looked after myself.

It doesn’t sound that difficult does it?

But the plethora of information out there, totally WRONG information and even dangerous information, managed to keep me frustrated, confused and angry for more than 15 years.

Maybe you feel the same?

It wasn’t until I discovered some home truths about diet and exercise, things that I never even contemplated, that I managed to completely change my body shape.

My confidence sky-rocketed and I felt at peace with my body at long last – and that was probably the most liberating thing about it.

That’s why I wanted to set about helping others achieve that same goal. Because no woman should have to live a life like that, eating like a rabbit and worried about every morsel she puts into her mouth – and only to become more and more unhappy with her body.

And that’s just PART of the reason why I created the X-TREME RESULTS CHALLENGE…

I know you can have a FIT, TONED, SCULPTED, SEXY BODY like I finally achieved.

I know how badly you want it, and I know I can help you get it!

Feminine WARRIOR You Were Born to Be!

In this 12-week body sculpting system you’ll discover:

  • The unique carb-tapering nutrition system I used to place top 2 in a National body sculpting competition
  • The Ten Success Commandments (without these you’ll NEVER succeed!)
  • The fat loss ‘Miracle Sleep’ (when you experience this, the fat just MELTS off!)
  • Insider tips, tricks and info (some things just CANNOT be made public!)

It’s 12 weeks of powerful, detailed, PERSONALIZED strategies, support & encouragement, workouts, meal plans, and recipes… with the mental motivation that ignites a passion for results.

These are the EXACT techniques and training (both mental and physical) that allowed me to win multiple body sculpting competitions.

Of course, it’s NOT designed specifically for competition (though I do give you many “insider’s” secrets)…

It’s for ordinary women whose “inner warrior” is discouraged, confused… or just hasn’t had the right tools and information at her fingertips to make the leap to EXTREME RESULTS.

Because it really DOES take the right tools and strategies to create the body of an Amazon Queen.

Hating your body will not get you the body of your dreams…

No… you need to be kind to yourself, with lots of encouragement, and big doses of love and compassion.

And you need the right SYSTEM to feed your mind and spirit while you nourish the sleek, feminine muscles that burn off your jiggly excess baggage.

And that’s EXACTLY what you’ll be doing, now that I’ve come out of ‘retirement’.

Because I’ve refined the best of what I’ve taught to thousands of amazing Australian women, and hundreds of our sisters across the water.

And, you’ll have access to ME, and my PERSONAL COACHING and EXPERTISE!


Because that’s what I needed when I was so frustrated and discouraged in my early days of training.

I WOULD HAVE QUIT, except I was blessed with some “mentors from heaven”… right when I was on the edge.

Now I want to be there for YOU.


Like a stunning, proud AMAZON WARRIOR…
A sleek, toned, SEXY Queen!

Like the ladies in our AMAZING SUCCESS STORIES in my VIDEO BELOW…

You get to see the breathtaking before-and-after PHOTOS of my students…

  • You’ll meet Kellie, who needed help after her weight spun out of control when her marriage fell apart.
  • You’ll be impressed by Dianna, who used to be too embarrassed to walk on the beach or be seen in sports clothes… but not anymore!
  • You’ll be dazzled by Liz, who was anorexic in her teens and HAD to look good for a wedding.
  • You’ll LOVE hearing about Michelle, an ex-chronic yo-yo dieter… even though she was also a fitness trainer!

You can have…

with the


You CAN create a new body
Especially since hundreds of ordinary women have already done it.

In the X-TREME RESULTS CHALLENGE you’ll discover everything you need to know to release your “inner feminine warrior”…

  • The Mindset and ALL the motivation you need …
  • X-TREME RESULTS Recipes (forget about boredom — they’re mouthwatering and elegant)…
  • The A-to-Z workout structures with high and medium intensity cardio, “progressive overload” resistance training, and the right workout/rest cycles…
  • Correct carb cycling (NO food deprivation)…
  • Encouragement without the shaming or threats…
  • Advice and support via a Secret Facebook Group…

There’s NOTHING like proving it to yourself…

That even if you’ve struggled, your body CAN change dramatically… and FAST.

IMAGINE WHAT YOU’LL LOOK LIKE if you only do 20% of what I teach… you’ll still be
stunned by how quickly your body changes.

…And that’s one of the comments I hear most often, that our feminine warriors are delighted with their FAST results… despite HOW MUCH THEY CAN EAT.

PLUS the fact that my X-TREME results workouts dramatically reduce your time in the gym.
(You get stunning results with as little as 5 enjoyable hours per week!)

What could be better than feeling your absolute BEST,

Click the Arrow Pointing at My Midriff to
Watch These Inspiring Success Stories…

You’re Damn Right, SUE! Sign me up for your all-new X-TREME RESULTS CHALLENGE…

I’m FINALLY Ready to Unleash My Inner
Feminine WARRIOR I Was Born to Be!

I realize this one-of-a-kind female figure-sculpting program is a rare opportunity to be guided personally by you, Sue Heintze. I’ll have access to you via an exclusive private Facebook Group and can obtain your personalized advice… plus any necessary tweaks to your program to ensure my success.

I’ll also receive a complete set of tools for re-inventing my workout plan, eating habits and mindset… for the express purpose of beautifying my body, skyrocketing my self-esteem, and giving me the poise and self-assurance I need to excel in all areas of life.

I’m getting your X-TREME RESULTS CHALLENGE TRAINING PROGRAMS Two complete sets of “progressive overload” weight training routines, plus varied intensity cardio for MAXIMUM FAT BURN and appropriate recovery.

These are the precise, PROVEN-EFFECTIVE moves you use for sculpting SEXY FEMALE CURVES… minus the frustrating toil that does nothing but leave me covered in sweat.

… 12 weeks to shapely shoulders and tight, toned arms… trim and beautiful thighs, a slim waist and firm butt… chiseled abs, a strong core and back… and lean curvaceous hips, legs and calves. (Two versions included — I can do this at the gym, or with free weights at home. PLUS… you’re including options for working out 3 or 4 times a week, my choice.)

I’m getting your X-TREME RESULTS CHALLENGE DIET PROGRAM this is the same amazing carb tapering system you use to win in tough national figure competitions. You’ll show me the nutrition I need, how much to eat, and when to eat it.

Plus your secret supplementing strategy is also here — for faster sculpting, increased workout endurance, immunity, and overall health and well-being …

… No food deprivation nonsense included! Your carb-tapering diet is comprised of plenty of clean protein, good fats and complex carbs to keep my energy levels high, speed up my metabolism, and melt away stubborn, frustrating flab and cellulite.

You’re also including your X-TREME RESULTS CHALLENGE RECIPESwholesome and delicious dishes the whole family will love and that make fueling and strengthening my body a breeze…

…Fabulous protein-rich mains… like Coriander Chicken with Tomato Salsa… BBQ Chicken Argentinian Style… and Mediterranean Lamb Skewers to power up my routines.

Plus clean and healthy post-workout treats to fire me up with vital energy and speed my muscle recovery… like Cherry Ripe Delight, Creamy Oat Crunch and Snickers Cheesecake.


I don’t even have to think about what to eat. Or risk making the wrong decisions. It’s all laid out for me in this daily playbook.

I just flip to the appropriate page in your recipe book… and sculpting a head-turning feminine physique has never been more doable!

You’ve got this down to a science, Sue, and I want to emulate your
discipline and focus to get the body I’ve always wanted…

..So I’m thrilled you’ve also included your easy-to-use, X-TREME RESULTS CHALLENGE DIET LOGS AND WEEKLY QUICK CHECK SUMMARIES for recording what I eat and keeping track of my workouts.

And don’t forget your MIND OVER MATTER MOTIVATIONAL HANDBOOK. I want the same ADVANCED MENTAL TRICKS that empowered you to go from 22% to 10% body fat and CRUSH
IT in national figure competitions (including your 10 Success Commandments to Live By and how to induce The Fat Loss “Miracle Sleep”)…

I know there will be tests and setbacks on my road to sculpting a HOT, SEXY bod. And the wisdom I find here will help me flood my mind with the positivity, patience and commitment I need to succeed — no matter how many times I may have failed in the past. It’s no longer an option.

… I’ll Be Guided Every Step Of the Way By a Figure Competition Champion!

Best of all, I get to interact with you personally in the X-TREME RESULTS CHALLENGE PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP, as you gently guide, love and support me and my fellow AMAZON sisters through this transformational challenge.

We’re all in this together… “Blogging our journeys” … helping to hold each other accountable… encouraging each other… staying challenged and motivated… aspiring higher, in a friendly spirit of weekly contest and competition.

I am aware this “hands-on” approach to lasting results and true transformation is at least 10 to 20 times more effective than even your own “information-only” plans. (It’s the same kind of encouragement that kept YOU from quitting when you were ready to throw in the towel.)

That’s why I am totally grateful for this opportunity to have you as my mentor and to be part of this special community.

I know you can lead me to a lovelier and more dazzling figure for the rest of my life, as you’ve done for so many other women – youthful, healthy and strong into my 30s… 40s… 50s…and beyond! And I don’t want to go through another spirit crushing yo-yo dieting defeat.

I’ll Also Enjoy these Additional
by Ordering NOW!


I understand the X-TREME RESULTS CHALLENGE involves vigorous training. But with this valuable free bonus it does not matter if I’ve been out of the gym for a while… or even if I’ve never worked out in my life.

You’ll show me the ropes and get me ready for some serious sculpting.

(I don’t even have to begin the challenge immediately. I’ve got a full 3-months to get started. The important thing is that I commit now and put it on my calendar.)


Please also include your tips and tricks for a fantastic photo session at the end of the X-TREME RESULTS CHALLENGE. (Or any other special event where I want to look over-the-top gorgeous in front of the camera!) …

I can’t wait to discover your secret figure competition prep diet… how to plan, prepare and pose for a dynamite shoot… and how to get the best out of a professional photographer!


I realize my fitness and body sculpting goals may not be a straight line to perfection. Sometimes it takes a little shock to the daily routine to break through to a cover-girl figure.

You’d know, having coached 37 body blitz competitors to victory, including 4 grand champions! Thank goodness you’ve “been there and done that” and are willing to share your proven approach to plateau busting in this amazing package.

That’s almost $100.00 in free fast action gifts, just for giving your X-TREME RESULTS CHALLENGE a fair try during this promotion.

I’m IN at just $147 $97 AUD ($67USD) Or 6 4 Easy Weekly
Instalments of Only $29.95 AUD ($20USD)

100% “Jaw Dropping” Results, GUARANTEED!

I’ve seen PROOF POSITIVE of the astounding results your clients enjoy. If all these women can do it, then I can too! Even so, I must be absolutely BLOWN AWAY with what I see in the mirror after taking your program and participating in the secret Facebook Group.

If jaws don’t drop to the floor with delight (maybe even a little envy) when my friends, family (and lover) look at my “before and after” pictures…

If I’m not bursting with joy when I wake up in the morning… totally energized and full of self-confidence… at ease with my body and ready to step out in the latest “skinny girl” fashions…

I can ask for my money back and you’ll give it to me.

With that understanding, here are the details you need to count me in. I’m just itching to get started!

Valued at $650. TODAY $147 $97 (AUD)

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6 4 Easy Weekly Instalments of Only $29.95 (AUD)

Prices in Australian Dollars (+ gst) apx. $21 USD. Check currency conversion at  
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Here’s What a Few X-TREME RESULTS
CHALLENGE Registrants Are Saying…

“I’m really surprised that I am not hungry at all on this plan.”

“Thanks, Sue, I’m really enjoying the program. The Facebook Group is a really great way to stay accountable. I have found I am so much more organised with my food and this morning I packed my meal 2 and 3 to eat on the road. I’m really surprised that I am not hungry at all on this plan. One thing it tells me is that although I was eating the right foods I was not eating enough.”

Nicki Forgione, Albany, Australia

“I went jeans shopping yesterday and fit into a size zero! – Praise God!!!”

“Thanks so much Sue! You are such a tremendous help to me, I can’t thank you enough. Losing the weight after two kids and being in my 40s seemed impossible – but you helped make that possible without any crazy long workout sessions or wacky diet plans.”
“Your program is VERY do-able. I can finally see my abs and I still have 3 weeks to go! So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!”

Rina Schneider, Seaford, New York, USA

“To be really honest, I thought I would be starving… not so.”

“I feel like I am eating all of the time but despite being conscious of planning for the first time in a long time, I am not obsessing over food. (What have I eaten? Is it good or bad? If it was bad how can I undo my mistakes?)”
“Am absolutely loving the eating. Have found the forums so helpful to check in and see what others are doing and also to get the tips and advice so quickly, I have been blown away by it all. Thank you, Sue!!!”

Kate Sheppard, Townsville, Australia

“I feel great at 45, stronger and so happy to have found this program—it truly works!”

“Weight is still going down slowly and measurements are tightening – very happy with the progress. I’ve looked and felt better than I have since before my first child. Actually thrilled with how things are going and I still LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the weight workouts… I feel great at 45, stronger and so happy to have found this program – it truly works. Thanks Sue!!!!”

Laura Morrison, Holiday Island, Arkansas, USA

“I have never before felt and looked so good.”

“Well here I go with another Ideal Bodies Challenge!! I find these programs inspirational and accountable. I have never before felt and looked so good as I do when I complete one of these programs.”

Linda Rose, Bodallin, Australia

Valued at $650. TODAY $147 $97 (AUD)

Prices in Australian Dollars (+ gst) apx. $67 USD. Check currency conversion at
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6 4 Easy Weekly Instalments of Only $29.95 (AUD)

Prices in Australian Dollars (+ gst) apx. $21 USD. Check currency conversion at  
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QUESTION: When does it start?

Sue understands that not everyone is ready or able to start on the same date or right away so with that in mind you may begin the actual program anytime within 3 months after your order.

QUESTION: Can beginners do it?

As a special bonus available through this limited offer, Sue has designed a “21 Day Ease Into It Workout” designed specifically for beginners, or for those who haven’t trained for a while. So the answer is yes, if you’re a beginner, you can participate too!

How hard is it? I’m afraid I won’t be able to follow it?

Don’t be fooled by the name. The results are ‘X-Treme’ but the program is very doable. Fat will not melt off by just sitting in your armchair watching TV. You WILL work hard, but that’s true for anything worth achieving in life. But if you’re currently involved in an exercise program or done one before, you’ll be able to manage this without a problem.

The beauty of it lies in the structure and synergy of the workouts and the diet – put them together and you have a proven recipe for fat loss success.

Do I need any special food to follow the diet?

No – all foods are freely available, regular foods that you can find in your local grocery store or market. If something in particular is not available, you’ll easily be able to substitute another similar food from the food lists.

Will I have to cook separate meals for myself and my family?

You won’t have to cook separate meals for your family – your own meals will be lean and clean and you can simply add extras/additions to the family plates if required. With the X-TREME RESULTS RECIPES you’ll be sure to find some dishes the whole family will love. After 12 weeks you might find hubby and the kids looking leaner and feeling healthier too! It’s a win-win! (NOTE: If you have my Cook ‘N Burn Recipe Bible from the 40 Day MAX Fat Burn program, you’ll have access to even more recipes. I’ve nominated the recipes you can use. If you don’t have this recipe bible, you’ll be able to purchase it at a very reasonable price)

What if I’m not fit enough to do it?

Here’s a BIG positive that you may not know about – the more UNFIT you are, the QUICKER and EASIER you will get results! That’s because those who are already fit have a somewhat already ‘adapted’ body. So it’s harder for them to create change. But for someone who’s not so fit – well their body needs to step up in a hurry and make some big changes to adapt. That’s why it’s not always a good thing to stay super fit year round if you need to drop body fat.

Let me in. I’m ready to get started!

What equipment do I need?

There are two choices for training. We have a Gym program that utilizes equipment you’ll find at any fully equipped gym. We also have a Free Weights program that requires a barbell, dumbbells and bench (with plenty of challenging weights) so if you have this range of equipment at home you’ll be all set.

How often do I have to train?

You must be able to train with weights a minimum of 3 times per week and a maximum of 4 times per week. I’ve designed both a 3 day split and a 4 day split, so you can choose what is most suitable for you. There is additional cardio to add, but you won’t be required to do copious amounts.

How is it different from your Body Makeover Programs?

ANSWER: Our BMO programs are personalized 12 week programs made specifically to your requirements based on a health/fitness questionnaire that you submit. They are personalized and therefore Sue can design the program around your circumstances – i.e., if you have an injury or special diet requirements she can design something that is suitable. One of Sue’s team will act as your one-on-one coach and/or mentor, whom you’ll converse with via email. There is around a week’s turnaround time for this program.

On the other hand, Sue’s X-Treme Results Challenge is a 12-week pre-made program so there’s no waiting – you’ll receive it as soon as you order. You will receive direct support from Sue via the private X-TREME RESULTS CHALLENGE secret Facebook Group where Sue can teach you how to monitor your diet and make individual tweaks when you need them.

The program is designed by Sue and is based on the diet she used to place runner up in a National figure competition. The diet is a ‘carb tapering’ diet and without a doubt is the best diet Sue has ever used for a competition preparation. And she’s passing it on to you! You’ll be expected to work hard, and be committed – and you’ll be duly rewarded with excellent results.

Is the diet suitable for vegans or vegetarians?

ANSWER: If you are lacto (i.e. you eat dairy), lacto-ovo (you eat dairy and eggs) and/or if you eat fish, then you will be able to make suitable choices from the food lists to make it work. The program is not designed for vegans.

I’m breastfeeding, can I do the program?

You can do the exercise component (provided you are cleared by your doctor) but the diet is not designed for a breastfeeding woman. You do have 3 months to get started though, so if you are finished feeding within that time then you can take part in the diet too.

Enough thinking. Let’s ROCK this thing!

Do I need to use supplements?

You don’t need to use nutritional supplements to take part in the X-TREME RESULTS CHALLENGE. Having said that, many of our clients have asked Sue about using supplements to enhance their body sculpting efforts. So you will find some information on what she believes to be the best choices in supplementation to help steer you in the right direction IF you are interested in using them.

I’m happy with my current workout. Can I keep doing that but still join the X-TREME RESULTS CHALLENGE for the diet and Facebook Group support? Or vice versa?

You can, however it makes it more difficult for Sue to advise people doing all sorts of other things (and the reason your investment is so low is because Sue is coaching everyone using the same program). The diet and workout program she has devised for the XRC is designed to work synergistically – the weights program is essentially a body sculpting program and the diet and cardio complement that.

It’s designed to provide the most energy while dropping the most fat, so you both look and FEEL good. You can join if your current program or the one you choose to do is 3-4 x week challenging weight training (no circuit or high rep stuff – reps no more than 12) and your cardio program does not include copious amounts of running or other endurance type exercise. We cannot however guarantee it will work as well as following the complete program.

If you are a 40 Day MAX Fat Burn member you could use the weight training programs in this XRC program and some of the recipes in the 40 Day MAX Fat Burn program (all the information is in the program documents).

How long will it take to receive the program?

The X-Treme Results Challenge is a completely downloadable series of pdf files (no physical products will be shipped to your home). After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download all the diet and workouts files onto your computer, via an email. Please check your spam/junk email folders if you do not receive it within 15 minutes of your order.

I have a knee (shoulder, back, etc.) injury – can the program be modified?

You are most welcome to modify the program to your circumstances, however if you have a knee injury that prevents you from doing squats and lunges, you will not be able to fully participate in the training program.

We can help you modify some exercises via the group, however we are not medical professionals and you would be best advised to seek advice from your specialist.

What if I don’t see the results I want?

Then it’s all FREE.

Simply put, if you participate in the Facebook Group and follow the X-TREME RESULTS CHALLENGE materials for 12 weeks as outlined, and do NOT lose more fat in the next 12 weeks than you ever have previously, just contact us and we’ll provide a prompt, courteous refund. There’s no way you can lose. Sign up today!

QUESTION: Sue, I love the sound of your program. I have a couple more questions – who do I contact?

ANSWER: You can contact Ideal Bodies Online here…

Valued at $650. TODAY $147 $97 (AUD)

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6 4 Easy Weekly Instalments of Only $29.95 (AUD)

Prices in Australian Dollars (+ gst) apx. $21 USD) check currency conversion at  
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