My Dirty Diet Secrets

BY Sue Heintze
May 22nd, 2014

  • I love your dirty secrets Sue! It is so refreshing to hear this from a professional like yourself. It gives me hope that I can get my ideal figure without having to give up everything that I enjoy to eat and drink. Of course, as you say, you need to use some self-control and willpower. But I am so pleased that you have exposed your little secrets to show us that you don’t have to eat perfectly and boringly all the time if you want to lose weight.
    And, your indulgences are so similar to mine!
    Thanks for this post. I love it!

    • Yes don’t listen to those who say you have to remove every little luxury from your diet to get in or stay in shape. It’s rubbish. Thanks Pauline. x

  • yes I agree, I love a glass of wine most nights, or 2 but when I am dieting, my food is very strict and I find a couple of wines makes no difference to my progress, I love working out, and when I do weight training 4 days a week and eat clean and have a couple of wines I still make good progress, and feel amazing, who wants to be so strict with diet and be miserable!

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