40 Day MAX Fat Burn – Creamy Baked Sweet Potatoes

BY Kristin Gleeson
June 5th, 2014

    I made this for a girls (old girls) Asian night in. It was delicious and everyone loved it. The girls loved it so much they ate it all and I had to make it again for my family. My family thought it was good but not as good as the West African Chicken. The results from my friends (who couldn’t believe the recipe was from a weight loss program) were:
    Category 1: **** (that’s from me as my friends just ate)
    category 2: *****
    Category 3: *****
    Category 4:*****

    As I stated in my West African Chicken review, my friend and I have been through many weight loss and mainly weight gain programs. I would love to gift her with the 40 day Max fat burn program. Surely with these wonderful recipes we can make 40 days! It would be wonderful to be part of her( or should I say ‘our’ life changing experience. Thank you for the opportunity to have and try so many of your recipes.

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