Bloody hell I’m gonna have a baby soon!

BY Sue Heintze
August 17th, 2010

  • Stephanie Shifrin
    August 18, 2010 at 7:34 am  - Reply

    Yep. You’re getting close!! Relax now while you can. Don’t worry. you’ll be a natural at Motherhood!! I can’t wait to see the little bub when he/she comes!!



  • Looking GORGEOUS!

  • Nice work with the sleigh cot Sue! Sounds like you got yourself a great deal there :)

    Don’t tell me you have to do the GTT *again*?!?!?

  • Have your “nesting” urges started yet?:) Glad you both had a nice holiday! I remember living in thongs from about 30wks, as my feet got really sore and swollen too. So I feel for you :( Hope Damien is looking after you! Nice bargain you got for your cot! How cheap is that!? Look after yourself and your precious little bundle..not long now!! :) Manda

  • That might seem like a huge list now, but wait till you add kids to the mix!!!! LOL

    You’re looking great Sue, not long now


  • It won’t be worse Sue, I was being sarcastic!!

    It’s the best thing you’ll ever do barr nothing. Every little sacrifice you make will not mean a thing when you have children. Not a single day goes by when I’m not thankful for my 5 wonderful kids. Even though sometimes I could ‘kill’ them, it’s only ever short lived and is quickly superceeded by all the wonderful moments.
    You’ll forget the sore feet etc in an instant.

    Can’t wait to hear the exciting news


  • I am so excited for you Sue!!! You look fantastic. Pregnancy really looks good on you:)

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