All the Rage – Metabolic Resistance Training

BY Sue Heintze
August 24th, 2013

  • This is fine for those in a gym… What about the ones that do not have a gym membership

  • I think all the exercises are wonderful – BUT – I’m 65 with arthritis. I need gentle exercises – and all of your participants look to be in their 30s! What about us oldies?

    • Hi Maureen. Yes, I understand. We have older clients, in fact many of those in our Success Stories section are well into their 50′s. And not everyone submits photos. Because you have a specialized condition you would be most suited to our Body Makeover Programs – something personalized. When you have conditions that affect how you exercise, you would be advised not to follow generic style programs or workouts that don’t take into account your individual issues. With a personalized program we can design something that works for YOU. is the one you should have a look at if you are interested in a specific program for your condition.

  • Hi Sue, the metabolic training can this be done inside the home, in lieu of a gym

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