18 days to go – nearly there!

BY Sue Heintze
October 4th, 2010

  • Don’t pay too much attention to the doctor’s estimates. At 3 weeks out he told me my son was 9lb and that I should be induced a couple of weeks early to avoid problems at the due date. I was induced (ouch). He weighed in at 8lb! And he was underdone..loose skin. He took another month to put on all that nice baby fat he should have put on in the womb.

    Jeez, now I’m rambling. How exciting! Good luck! x

  • Hey Sue
    Not from your tummy pic but from a feeling……I feel your having a boy.

    Good Luck and whatever sex it is it will be a very precious bundle.

    Shar x

  • Hi Sue

    I know you must be feeling like you are huge but you are really have such a nice little bundle.. Like Shar, I feel like you are having a boy but I think you are carrying like a girl. How’s that for covering both bases!!!:)

    All the best!

    Gill xx

  • Hi Sue,
    You look gorgeous pregnant! So healthy and radient!
    Based on the way you’re carrying I think it’s a girl!
    All the best with it all,

  • Girl.

  • You look absolutely GORGEOUS Sue! I wouldn’t have a clue what sex the baby is based on your tummy. You are a small person like me so I don’t think your tummy has any choice but to be high and round ;)

    But just for fun I will say a girl.

    Good luck and treasure these last days before baby arrives :)

  • Hi Sue,

    Looking good!

    I’m guessing girl, not because of belly but just thinking it might be a girl, but who knows!!!

    All the best with your final couple of weeks, can’t wait until I’m that close.

  • Hi Sue.I know you feel like a tank but you really aren’t that big. I looked massive from the side at that stage, but being little i know you feel uncomfortable. I’m sticking with the dream I had and say boy…. but kinda hope it’s a girl.. anyway one things for sure…YOU’RE HAVING A BABY XXX

  • Ooooh you look ready to pop! Enjoy the peace and quiet while you’ve got it!

    I am thinking girl – but since I am ALWAYS wrong with these things, its probably a boy LOL!

    Hilary xx

  • Yay, nearly there – I still remember so well that feeling of having no room inside, yet feeling so fleshy on the outside. You do look “ripe”! Like you, pretty much the only thing I enjoyed about pregnancy was feeling the baby move and bonding with that little lump inside, so having the baby, and the pregnancy ending (yay) was an absolute joy. Holding that baby in your arms and marveling at how amazing it is, is a love like nothing else, and it just keeps getting stronger. And on that note I’ll guess you’re having a girl – nothing to do with your bump, just pure guesswork! Good luck!

  • You are looking so radiant Sue! Can’t wait to see the piccies of your bubba soon enough :) I carried all 3 of my girls differently…so I am going to guess entirely for the sake of guessing…I think a little girl :) Hope you and Damien enjoy these last couple of weeks! Best of luck Amanda xo

  • Stephanie Shifrin
    October 8, 2010 at 10:46 am  - Reply

    I say a girl. For sure!!

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